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Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)

The S.E.O also known as the Search Engine Optimization Technique is a clever arrangement of specific keywords within the content portion of your website which increases your chance of being found when a potential customer is looking for products delivered by your business along with many other such competitors. Search engines like Google, Bing and much more help the customers by listing some websites that use keywords entered by the customer.

If a potential customer doesn’t find you listed in the search results, your website is assumed to be less-trustworthy which isn’t worth the risk for any customer or client. To optimize your website according to the norms of a keyword-based search engine, a virtual assistant can be of great help.

Instead of you struggling to find new and specific keywords, let your virtual assistant do the same while investigating every few hours about the latest techniques to optimize your business with S.E.O. It takes a lot of research through the vast expanse of the internet to create a worthy S.E.O content for a website. Nothing can be achieved overnight, so why not let you V.A. do the hard work while you do the smart work. Our SEO services includes.

  • Update on-page keywords and meta description tags
  • Update and optimize ALT description for images
  • Setup and submit sitemap to Google
  • Optimize blog posts for specific keywords
  • Keyword/ideas research for blog posts
  • Find popular blog posts in your niche
  • Generate great post headlines
  • S.E.O. competition analysis
  • Setup AdSense on your website
  • Weekly/Monthly Google rankings reports
  • Directory submissions